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Georg Kickinger

I was born in 1960 in Austria, and from 1980 to 1995, I traveled, which included an apprenticeship in art restoration in Sweden, spending a year in a monastery in Arizona, and two trips around the globe.

Much of my artistic endeavor during the years of travel had been concerned with an apparent universal language encoded in similar designs found worldwide in the crafts and arts of indigenous culture.


In 1995, I settled in Topanga Canyon, California, adopted my daughter from Guatemala in 2000, and moved to Nevada County in 2004. Currently, I live in Auburn, CA.


About ten years ago, I started to use ground rock, pigment, bones, and shells as the first textural layers on canvas or wood. They constitute the starting point for a pictorial reflection on the experiences and thoughts during my walks I now take along the rivers and creeks in the greater Sacramento area.


Most of my paintings are not layed out nor planned. Shapes and figures develop while applying paint to the structural ground. Though they are connected by a common theme through technique, each piece takes me on its own unique path. 


I experience painting as a journey that offers me the opportunity to open myself to an increasingly more comprehensive understanding of my immediate environment as well as to a continued renewal in how I perceive and respond to the world and people’s varied views on what it takes to live a life fully lived.



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